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Venue: Blackhills Clinic, Aberuthen

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Date: Tuesday 20/11/2012  Time: 7.00 till 9.00


Thank you for your interest in the Scottish Endodontic Study Group, newly formed to satisfy the thirst for endodontic knowledge in the local community.

There are lots of things happening in the endodontic world that have a direct impact on clinical practice. What is the prognosis for that broken down molar? Does a bridge or implant have a better long term prognosis? Why is endodontic intervention a primary consideration when treatment planning many cases? How can timely endodontic intervention improve the health and well-being of your patient? How can I improve my endodontic outcomes? What are the most predictable methods for post-endodontic restoration? Innovations by manufacturers result in the latest greatest drill or gadget and often leave the clinician with more questions than answers. Share your experience gained with any system or technique with like-minded colleagues - always valuable and could be of great benefit to your patients.

Come along to the Scottish Endodontic Study group to share your experiences, pose your questions and hopefully get some answers.

SESG is open to all who would like to advance knowledge in the field of endodontics and how it relates to clinical practice.

CONTACT:  Navid Saberi  (Hon. Sec.)  email:


Aetiology, diagnosis, cleaning and shaping, obturation, coronal seal, restoration.........

Canal blockages, ledges, perforations, pulp stones, instrument separation...........

Vitality testers, apex locators, radiography, rubber dam, heated pluggers, microscopy, canal preparation techniques........

Orthograde treatment, retreatment, endodontic surgery, pulp capping, regeneration techniques...........

Latest research evaluated for clinical relevance, case consultation with peers, clinical hints and tips...........

Relationships - endo/perio, endo/prosth, endo /implant.............

for whatever ‘endo’ you would like to talk about, come to the

Scottish Endodontic Study Group

FGDP study day on Endodontics - Friday 7th December - special rates for SESG membersNews.html